The door of the priests

The sarcophagi of Deir el-Bahari
From 09/03/2017 to 15/04/2018 Galleria Montevergini - Ortigia

The ancient Egypt in Syracuse

In the framework of the celebrations for 2,750 years from the foundation, the city of Syracuse hosts an exhibition of sarcophagi and mummies of ancient Egypt along with a live restoration show.

The “Deir el-Bahari Hideaway” is a large collective tomb discovered in 1891 at 15 feet deep on the western shore of the Nile and preserved the remains of Priests and Priestesses of Amon of the 21st Dynasty (1069-945 BC).

The finds belong to the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels, which made it available to the city of Syracuse, with the collaboration of the European Institute of Restoration. These are 6 sarcophagi, a mummy, a funeral mask and 139 finds.

The event has two peculiarities that make it unique. The first is that in Sicily there have never been exposed sarcophagi and an Egyptian mummy; the second is that visitors can find out how to perform a delicate diagnostic and restoration work of the ancient finds, which take place within a 16-meter (Expositive laboratory module) mobile lab called “Europa“.

The exhibition takes place within the Galleria Civica Montevergini, Via Santa Lucia alla Badia, a short walk from our B&B.

Full Ticket: € 7
Reduced rates: € 6 per person (min 15 – max 25 people) compulsory booking
Reduced school groups: € 5 per student (min 15 – max 25 people) free admission for 2 teachers per group, compulsory booking
Family ticket: € 25 for four people (2 parents and 2 children from 0 to 13 years old)
Archaeologist to accompany the exhibition: € 60 per group (max 25 people), lasting an hour, compulsory reservation.
Archaeologist to accompany the exhibition: € 40 per school group (max 25 people), duration one hour, compulsory reservation.

For information: tel. 0931 24902

For the days, opening hours and ticket purchase, see the official page.

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